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Did You Vote With the League on November 8, 2016?

Did You Vote With the League on November 8?

The League Recommended

The LWV California had recommendations on eleven of the measures on the state ballot. See the analysis and share the flyer with friends.

While the statewide ballot measures are all important, the following four deserved our close attention:

  • YES on Prop 54: The Legislature Transparency Act will make our state government more open, honest, and accountable, by empowering all Californians to review, debate, and contribute to the laws we live under.
  • YES on Prop 55: This measure is key in maintaining economic recovery and growth by continuing the current, higher income tax rates established in 2012 for the wealthiest two percent of Californians. Prop 55 helps our children thrive!

Propositions 62 and 66 both dealt with the death penalty:
  • YES on Prop 62: Proposition 62 replaces the death penalty with life without the possibility of parole. The death penalty is biased and does not reduce or deter crime in California. Voting yes will save taxpayers $150 million per year and eliminate the very real risk of executing an innocent person.
  • NO on Prop 66: This poorly written measure would fast-track the death penalty -- denying citizens due process and greatly increasing California's risk of executing an innocent person. It raises significant constitutional issues and could cause more delays, increase taxpayers' costs, and add layers of bureaucracy.

The two Leagues in San Mateo County supported Measure K, which extends the current half-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2012.

The LWV North & Central San Mateo County supported Measure Q in San Mateo and Measure R in Burlingame.

Supported County Measure K

The Leagues of Women Voters in San Mateo County supported Measure K, a countywide measure. The measure passed with 70.4% approval.

It extends the one-half cent sales tax passed in 2012 for another 20 years with an expiration date of March 31, 2043. Money generated from the tax would be used for such things as providing affordable housing, developing long-term solutions to the housing crisis, maintaining para-transit services, maintaining 911 operations, maintaining preschool, afterschool, and library programs for children and teens, addressing the effects of sea level rise, providing neighborhood health clinics, and keeping county parks open.

Suppported Local Measures Q & R

Based on our local and state housing positions, the LWV North & Central San Mateo County supported Measures Q & R.

Measure Q was an initiative measure for residents of the City of San Mateo and was not approved by the voters. It would have amended the city charter to limit the amount of rent a landlord may charge and prohibited the removal of a tenant without just cause. Rent increases would have been be limited to no less than 1% and no more than 4% per year.

Measure R was on the ballot in Burlingame and was rejected by the voters. The measure would have established a rent stabilization program for multi-family rental units with initial certificates of occupancy before February 1, 1995. Base rents would have been set on March 30, 2016 or upon initial occupancy. Rent increases would be limited to no less than 1% or more than 4% a year. Removal of a tenant would have required just cause.